Monday, July 26, 2010

3.T.O.W. - D12!!!

My dice arrived today and I could not be happier :-)
The face shot was the image I was most worried about and it looks really good :-D
The engraving looks like it took really well, the blue (on the 12) is a little darker than I would have liked it, but otherwise I am really happy with my purchase.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Custom d12's cont'd....

I am super excited about receiving theses dice and hope that the images will fit nicely on the d12 :-D The sales rep said they could use a larger dice if needed , but he thought the images would fit on a standard d12.
For anyone out there that is interested in making custom dice, here is some info that I found out. Most places want a very large minimum order; like 100 or so. This brings the price of making them way down, but I don't need 100 dice for like $400-500. I needed d12's and a very small order.
I came across Chessex first. When I emailed them I asked them what there minimum order was and they said 10 dice of any kind. But a custom dice costs $1 per side. So an order of ten d12's would cost $120 plus S&H!
I then came across and their dice are $1 for the blank dice and $1 for each custom face you put on it (This means that even if you add the standard numbers you are still being charged $1 for it). But they are willing to do different color on each face and there is a minimum charge of $40. So i went with the 3 custom d12's for $39 + $6 for S&H (Total: $45).
I hope the dice look really good so I can recommend them to other friends who are making their own board games :-D
Here are the images (again) in the colors that I selected:

Monday, July 19, 2010


Today I placed an order for 3 custom d12's from The dice will have 3 custom faces on it, and I am really excited to see what the final product will look like :-D
These are the images that I drew:
This image of the soldier getting shot will replace the 1. A roll of 1 is usually followed by the player taking a wound.
This image will replace the 3. It just a cool logo of the board game :-)
This last image will replace the 12 (duh.) A roll of a 12 is pretty much a success. Perhaps I will make it a rule for the player to say "Fragged-Em" on a roll of a 12.

My good friend Gil was kind enough to scan these for me (and crop and fix). It would have probably taken me a couple of frustrating hours to do what he did in 15 minutes!

Thanx again Gil!