Thursday, October 28, 2010


Here is some silliness for you to read :-D The events in this blog have never happened! This is simply the wishful thinking and daydreams of a cubicle monkey.

What if Captain America was teleported by the Red Skull with the use of the Cosmic Cube to a far away dimension; doomed by a galactic force known only as The Void! And unknown to the people of this dimensions earth; Cap joins with the American people who are currently amidst a raging war against terrorists from all around the world!


- Hit Points: 6
- Equipment / Dragon Skin Armor:(custom / cannot be stolen) has 4 temp hit points that can be re-rolled to dismiss any wounds incurred on a d12 roll of 8+.
- Equipment / Shield: +4 to BS and can re-roll any miss once per turn.
- Real Men Don't Use Guns!: If Cap draws a "Bigger Guns" equipment card he must discard it immediately!
- Leader: +4 bonus to any non-ballistic skill open fire card.
- Super Soldier Serum: Cap can heal up 1d2 hit points per completion of tour.
- Super Agility: Cap can dismiss the quicksand open fire card if he encounters it. Cap can also move 1d8+2 spaces (round up the d8 when your movement is halved then add the +2).
- War Shout: Avengers Assemble!!! Any American soldier within 12 spaces of Cap (including himself) receives a +4 to all rolls, except death's movement (Once per game).

What a hero :-D


Sunday, October 24, 2010


With the cold rainy weekend setting the mood to a slow pace, I feel good knowing I got some work done on the game.


This is A.I.D.(Artificial Intelligence Droid). After a month of game testing it looks like bumping up a special character (Field Medic) seems like a good idea to have in the core game.
A.I.D. is equipped with a much needed hypodermic needle gun used for healing wounded soldiers or removing conditions at a cost in points.
But I soon remembered that 3 T.O.W. takes place in the "real world" and sadly robot medical personnel do not exist in the real world :-(
So for that reason it looks like A.I.D. will have to wait for another game were his robot kind are more appreciated. I will design a female field medic in the upcoming week to replace A.I.D.

Since my good friend Chris has become a game tester, he is getting a peg-o made in his honor! This is a W.I.P. of Howling Hoiberg with a Cigar :-D


Swizzle was also completed this weekend! he is now equipped with his NDVR backpack, completed helmet, and magnetized base.


Last but not least, the maladroit machines base coat was added :-)
It still needs dark undertones and highlights, but I am glad I got this much done.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Player's Sheet / Captain's Log

Here are blank copies of the Player's Sheet and Captain's Log to help you keep track of your points through out the game :-D

Player's Sheet:

Captin's Log (Used for a Battle Report):

Friday, October 15, 2010


here is a working card design for the 3tow equipment cards.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

just in case you were wondering...

here are more pics of COSMIC CHASE!!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Cosmic Chase was the first game to come out of the GoGames! workshop, and its a simple almost primordial game of cat and mouse. In the game, players manipulate each other and the will of THE VOID, in order to erase each other from existence!!
this game was created as a gift to my nephew and i designed it to be simple and rely heavily on player interaction, and by that i mean killing each other. i also designed it with the idea that the board was somewhat a functioning art piece, since kids love losing pieces to games. the rules of the game are printed on the back of the game and all that is needed is a standard deck of playing cards! the tokens are made out of Lincoln logs, but anything can be used.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

the dreaded sniper card!

here is another image of the open fire sniper card, a vicivous end to any team!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Classic Marvel RPG!!!

Not exactly a 3 T.O.W. post or a Go Games Lab game.....but who doesn't love a good game of Marvel :-D
It's too bad neither I nor my friends knew how to use Excel back in those day.....
This player's sheet would have come in handy.

Here is a Character Sheet with my longest running character "D"
I don't remember how much karma I had exactly, so I just gave myself an even 100. I also gave myself a power I always wanted: Multiple Attacks!

Here is a blank sheet for anyone who would like to print it out.
I can't post excel documents on blogger, so anyone wishing to have a copy of this excel document can just drop me a line and request one :-D

Saturday, October 2, 2010

3 T.O.W. Presents: The Silent Post-It Comic #10-C

PVT Armendariz!
PVT Penn!
"Present Sir!"

Battle Reports 10.1.10

We played two test games on Friday 10.1.10 and these are the battle reports:


Report 2

Friday, October 1, 2010

A Custom D6?!

Yup. That's the plan :-)
After today's game test run at NDVR studios, it looks like this last minute addition to the 3 T.O.W. game is a go. There has been a new icon added to the board called the "chance icon" (name may change) that has the player rolling a custom d6 to determine what the player will receive or have to endure. Here are pics of what you will see on this custom dice:

Auto Wound

Open Fire

Half Your Movement (next turn)

Two Open Fire's

+1 Point

+2 Points