Sunday, October 24, 2010


With the cold rainy weekend setting the mood to a slow pace, I feel good knowing I got some work done on the game.


This is A.I.D.(Artificial Intelligence Droid). After a month of game testing it looks like bumping up a special character (Field Medic) seems like a good idea to have in the core game.
A.I.D. is equipped with a much needed hypodermic needle gun used for healing wounded soldiers or removing conditions at a cost in points.
But I soon remembered that 3 T.O.W. takes place in the "real world" and sadly robot medical personnel do not exist in the real world :-(
So for that reason it looks like A.I.D. will have to wait for another game were his robot kind are more appreciated. I will design a female field medic in the upcoming week to replace A.I.D.

Since my good friend Chris has become a game tester, he is getting a peg-o made in his honor! This is a W.I.P. of Howling Hoiberg with a Cigar :-D


Swizzle was also completed this weekend! he is now equipped with his NDVR backpack, completed helmet, and magnetized base.


Last but not least, the maladroit machines base coat was added :-)
It still needs dark undertones and highlights, but I am glad I got this much done.

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  1. awesome stuff oats!
    i like seebee in the photo too.
    i like the tank color you picked and swizzle looks super good.
    the AID is too good not to use...hmmm