Thursday, October 28, 2010


Here is some silliness for you to read :-D The events in this blog have never happened! This is simply the wishful thinking and daydreams of a cubicle monkey.

What if Captain America was teleported by the Red Skull with the use of the Cosmic Cube to a far away dimension; doomed by a galactic force known only as The Void! And unknown to the people of this dimensions earth; Cap joins with the American people who are currently amidst a raging war against terrorists from all around the world!


- Hit Points: 6
- Equipment / Dragon Skin Armor:(custom / cannot be stolen) has 4 temp hit points that can be re-rolled to dismiss any wounds incurred on a d12 roll of 8+.
- Equipment / Shield: +4 to BS and can re-roll any miss once per turn.
- Real Men Don't Use Guns!: If Cap draws a "Bigger Guns" equipment card he must discard it immediately!
- Leader: +4 bonus to any non-ballistic skill open fire card.
- Super Soldier Serum: Cap can heal up 1d2 hit points per completion of tour.
- Super Agility: Cap can dismiss the quicksand open fire card if he encounters it. Cap can also move 1d8+2 spaces (round up the d8 when your movement is halved then add the +2).
- War Shout: Avengers Assemble!!! Any American soldier within 12 spaces of Cap (including himself) receives a +4 to all rolls, except death's movement (Once per game).

What a hero :-D


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