Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Classic Marvel RPG!!!

Not exactly a 3 T.O.W. post or a Go Games Lab game.....but who doesn't love a good game of Marvel :-D
It's too bad neither I nor my friends knew how to use Excel back in those day.....
This player's sheet would have come in handy.

Here is a Character Sheet with my longest running character "D"
I don't remember how much karma I had exactly, so I just gave myself an even 100. I also gave myself a power I always wanted: Multiple Attacks!

Here is a blank sheet for anyone who would like to print it out.
I can't post excel documents on blogger, so anyone wishing to have a copy of this excel document can just drop me a line and request one :-D

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  1. Can you please send me a copy of your Marvel Character sheet in excel format. You did such a great job designing this i want to get it printed on card stock.