Sunday, June 20, 2010

Endeavor's of the Galactic Champions!

What's this? New Game? Action Figures? Or possibly a custom re-design of chess with a Mr Monkeytail's Workshop look to it :-D

Go Games Lab is looking into making a new rule to the game of chess, that can be used such as Castling, En Passant, and Promotion. We are keeping hush about this new rule until we complete the game.

But here are a few pics of some of the game pieces from Galactic Chess!

The Knight

The Bishop

(Recently added: A Staff instead of the sword. More appropriate I think)

The Rook

Size Difference



  1. I like how you showed the size difference
    in the pieces, you should mass produce them

  2. Woo! Great work Omar! Have you thought of adding some small electronic bits for some extra details?

    Ps. thanks for the shout out!