Sunday, June 20, 2010


I sent an email out to my friend gil about a month ago regarding a good name I could trademark to describe these little wooden dudes. What I came up with is "PEGGERS." It sounded good until I went online and found out that its already a word used to describe a dirty sexual act.....believe me just Google that word :-(

So I looked around to see what other people where calling them and found a couple different names:
Peg People

I really like the name Peg-Pals but I need something a little more unique so I decided to go with Peg-O's :-D

I also found out that there are a lot of crafty sellers on Etsy that make Peg People (mostly as cake decorations). But all of the Peg People that I've seen don't have limbs. So I came up with a leveling system to determine the complexity of my Peg-O's vs their Peg People.

I consider these to be level 1 Peg Person because they are a single piece that have only been painted.
(This pic was taken from etsy)

I consider my creations to be a level 2 Peg Person because they have multiple pieces (limbs and accessories)to make up a more creative model :-D

I consider a level 3 Peg Person to have movable parts. Now I’ve been thinking of this and I drew up a blue print of what one might look like:
It kind looks like a lego man but with magnets for joints :-D
I would love to get good enough to make one of these but I’m going to need more practice before I attempt one!

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