Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Prototype to Custom Dice

In this article, I wan to show you the difference between the original prototype dice that consisted of a Lego dice with sticker images, and the new custom dice I just received from Gamestation.Net.

For the prototype, I took a Lego dice (that is only sold with Lego board games) with its many fun and colorful interchangeable face plates; and added cut-out images made from a shipping label. This dice was fun to use and I'm sure will come in handy when making another game, but I wanted a more professional looking dice to be sent with the board game when I enter it for submission @ KublaCon 2011.
I drew the images (posted a while back) and had my friend Gil edit, crop and add borders. I am also glad Jason Witten over @ Gamestaion.Net ( recommended the 25mm d6 because the images look amazing on this giant dice!
Here are more pics of the prototype and custom dice side by side:


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  1. Hi...I am a dice collector...fairly serious about it too. You can see my collection here...

    Do you have any of the gamestation dice left. If so what would it take for me to get just the die from you? I would certainly put the name of your game in the name of the die and refer and inquiring minds towards your link.