Monday, January 3, 2011


First and foremost, "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to everybody that reads our little blog :-D
We could sure use new recruits (followers); so if you have any comments or ideas regarding the construction of our games, we would sure like to hear them. Your support motivates us here at Go Games Lab to do our best and finish our games.

I would like to show you an x-mas gift that arrived today in the mail from my girlfriend Stacey. This is a custom 25mm d6 that was made from Gamestation.Net /

These jumbo dice are a nice addition to my game, and look much nicer than the Lego dice I have been using with stickers on the side :-P

I would like to recommend Gamestation.Net to any gamer that is looking for a small order on custom dice with quality results. I am always pleased and excited to use the dice they make for me :-D

The only two good rolls :-)

Two bad rolls :-(

Two even worse rolls :-(

A plug for the people @ Gamestation.Net

Size comparison of a 25mm dice compared to the standard d12

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