Friday, February 25, 2011

Perler Art

Thanks to my friend Danno who showed me his awesome 8-bit perler art designs, I too have been influenced into making perler art....and boy is it addicting! :-)
I have been practicing my ironing skills with smaller images so I can eventually iron these 4 bigger templates that I will use with my home version of 3 TOW. I plan to use these as dice tablets (roll the dice on the tablet); if your anything like me I like rolling the dice on a clipboard or book and it doesn't count if it rolls anywhere else.
I am also digging the 8-bit look for my characters and have been daydreaming about how cool it would be to make a 3 TOW 8-bit app. Unfortunately I don't know anything about making video games or apps :-(
But if I could I would try to make a game that's somewhere between River City Ransom, Mega Man, and Super Mario Bros 3! :-D





The Team (WIP - Need to be ironed)

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  1. The boards look good Omar, one tip for ironing: let the iron sit for bit in on spot and lift it up and move it to a new spot on the board and then let it sit there. The goal is to get the beads warmed up. Once you can see them sticking through the wax paper then it should be ok to move the iron around on the beads.