Monday, March 14, 2011

6 Turn Counter / John G. Sesame

Here is the completed 6 turn counter :-D

For those of you who haven't played; the 6 turn counter is started the second the first player ends his or her last tour. All other players have 6 turns to complete their final tour or they're points are halved!

I originally intended for this piece to be set in a mini helicopter, but unfortunately that project fell apart. Plastic and "heavy" wooden pegs don't sit well together and the frustration caused me to rush into salvaging the pieces that were still good and accidentally getting a big piece of plastic to shoot into my eye (with the use of a dremmel). It scare the living Jesus out of me! I got the piece out by rushing to the sink and washing my eye out; it was very red, itchy and irritated for a day :-(
*Remember kids, "don't be a dummy" safety first! Use protective goggles when using a dremmel* :-)

Pilot John G. Sesame standing proud with the American flag

Top View

Magnetized base for easy swivel action!


  1. Me too. He's not an old guy; I just gave him the Anderson Cooper look :-)