Saturday, April 9, 2011

Late in the Workshop...again :-)

I just finished painting the last Peg-O for 3T.O.W.
but the creative juices are still flowing tonight. So I ended up making this thing...
Is it a UFO? or a Submarine?

All I know for sure is, I am in the process of making it some magnetic guns to attach to the side of the hull. Mounted on a WH40k base; this will make a nifty game piece. Now for the hard part.....making an "invasion" board game for it :-D

Staying up late is hard to do for my dog Seebee :-)


  1. hahaha, seebee is out.
    the UFO is cool, it doesnt really need a game for it, its just cool to make stuff.

  2. Yeah, I agree. Maybe I can stain the wood (color) and sell them at a convention or on etsy. I think I have read some BGDF folk ask about UFO gaming pieces. I am sure someone out there needs UFO's for there custom board game!