Friday, April 29, 2011

KublaCon or Bust!

With only 16 days remaining to submit our game to the amateur board game design contest @ kublaCon, we here @ GO Games Lab are waiting with anticipation for our 70 card set that is in transit (mail) from Superior Pod (printers) :-D

Both I and my friend Gil have purchased our tickets and are looking forward to our first year attending this convention and hopefully receiving good feedback of our game :-)

We have worked very hard on our game and hope others enjoy it as much as we have.

Here is a sneak peek of the board game and its components minus the the two 35 card decks that were completed by Superior Pod (custom homemade cards created by us are shown instead):

Bag & Board

Bag Contents

Canvas Case Contents

The Tank!

The Dice Compartment

Magnetic Joints

The Cards Compartment


The Game

Left View

Dice Used - D12, D8, D6, D4

Swizzle on Tank & Canisters

Center View

Board Icons

Board Icons Cont'd...

P.O.W. Tokens





John G. Sesame & SilkyKay - NPC's


Custom D6

Custom D12

Open Fire - Homemade Card

Open Fire - Homemade Card Cont'd...

Supply Depot - Homemade Card

Counter Tokens
Some cards have 3 uses and the counter tokens help you remember how many uses are left.

The Rulebook

The Player's Sheet
If one person can be trusted to be the score keeper, use the bottom sheet! (usually co-op group) :-D
If everyone needs to keep there own score use the top sheet. (usually non co-op group) :-p

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