Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I received my cards from Superior Pod a few days ago and was very disappointed with the quality of the cards :-(

I got out a camera upon opening my package thinking I was going to take the final pictures of these great looking cards, and what I got was the exact opposite. All of the colors were way too dark!
The red backside were almost black, as was the green front side; several times darker than it should have been.

The cards were not cut properly and the images looked terrible :-(
I was really hoping to send in my amateur board game with amazing looking cards from the supposedly best card printer out there. But it looks like I will have to make my own copies and place them in card sleeves because I am really bummed that we spent so much hard work into making them and having Superior Pod deliver us this crap!

I emailed them with photo's and there response was, that it was our fault, "perhaps my monitor settings were off and that is why there is such a huge color difference". They also said that, "I did not place the cards on the template correctly and that is why they were not cut appropriately".
But we used there templates TO THE KEY!, and I have printed these cards on regular paper and got color results I just doesn't make sense.
Oh well....I guess INFERIOR POD just doesn't care about the little guys placing a single order :-(
I will never use them again or recommend them to anyone.

The package was delivered 3 days after being printed, that was good.

The front face card is already off color and the green cammo on the face card looks black :-(

The back of the card is supposed to have red cammo and it is also black :-(

They are all over exposed!

Some images are so dark that you cant see anything! All the detail has been lost! >:-(

A monkey with a cleaver cut these cards...ok that thought makes me smile a bit too :-)

Here is a sampling of what the cards should look like :-) I will be printing these out tomorrow and shipping my game to KublaCon first thing Friday morning :-D

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